Applicator Course

The Ozone BusinessThe large grouping of our service falls under Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Odor removal is a small sector of this amazing industry.  So, why limit your success by doing only one thing?  When I expanded my knowledge and services, my income went up with each job.  Not every job is about odor removal.  The realm of Indoor Air Quality will change your whole perspective.  We offer an continuous learning process that may start with odor removal, but allows you to grow your expertise month after month.

  • Fantastic odor removal concept, that does even more with one treatment
  • Carpet Cleaning, Air  Duct service, and Air Detox System
  • Decontamination and detoxification
  • Mold Inspection and Remediation
  • Emergency services such as fire, ambulance, or flood
  • Hoarder home, trauma and death scenes
  • Nursing homes, hospice, medical offices, and hospitals.
  • Treat boats and cars to remove foul odors
  • Offer hospital-grade infection control services
  • Pet boarding, veterinarian, farm, and animal shelters
  • Schools, Day Care, and Sports facilities
  • Barracks, prison facilities, and communal areas

Each of these applications have associated demands and concerns.  Hence, it is expected that anyone already trained or experienced to service these needs can easily understand and adapt our application course to align with their standards or requirements.  All of these SERVICES falls under the broad topic of Indoor Air Quality and Remediation Services.  So, we have expanded our training program to include SERVICE APPLICATIONS and INSPECTIONS.

Start out with our Professional IAQ Assessor Course

STEP ONE gives seriously interested people a full view of this business.  The IAQ Assessor course is a ten-segment online study that allows the student to go at his own pace and review material as needed.  The course is quite extensive and demonstrates how the IAQ service has transitioned from a solely commercial concept to an every home protection necessity.  We now include the INSPECTION option with the SERVICE side.  This training looks at both sides of the remediation service showing you how to do the work and how to evaluate the problem.VOC Meter

This course provides great insight into the IAQ business and can give you an understanding of how this concept is growing in popularity and increased demand.  As the public gains awareness that the air quality tremendously affects their life, the need for IAQ assessment and remediation service, this has become a new growth sector for forward-looking businesses.

We show you how a few affordable test meters will totally change your customer's perspective.  No hype required.  Offer the testing service and see how the system sells the job for you.  After all, the customer sees the actual results in real time.  Step outside and the meters read normal, so if the readings are high inside, they desperately need what you have to offer.

IAQ Assessment is Now Available to Everyone who Cares

There has been huge breakthroughs concerning indoor air quality.  The new, reliable, affordable testing equipment means that the routine evaluation can be done in real-time by a trained member of the company, a professional service, or as part of the maintenance service.  The IAQ assessor course opens the door widely to assess the ongoing IAQ condition, follow government steps to improve IAQ, and gradually improve the workplace environmental health.  All the information needed is found in this online course, including independent labs that validate the concerns and progress over the year.  

Big News:  New governmental regulations now require employees to take actionable steps to address the environmental health.  These agencies are DOL, OSHA, ADA, and EEOC.  Failure to address the indoor air quality is an open and active RISK that companies can easily reduce with a modest, but the consistent review of the operation over a year's time.  Our IAQ Specialist course is the solution needed before regulatory enforcement or litigation forces compliance at excessively-high cost and intrusion into your operation.  This course OSHA Trained certification to further enhance your credentials.